Baking Soda As A Potent Acne Treatment For Long-Term Use

Baking soda, chemically sodium bicarbonate, has several applications in our beauty and health category. It has been used in deodorants, toothpastes and several exfoliation products for skin care. It is a natural home remedy that can exfoliate the skin, and is much touted to be one of the most effective skin care ingredients available today. Baking soda is also included as one of the most effective ingredients for acne prevention as well as treatment. Exfoliating the skin with baking soda paste gives you good results.

best acne treatmentAcne – The Causes

Clinical research shows that there are many causes of acne, specific to people. Acne breakouts may be brought about by excess sebum secretion and poor shedding of dry and dead skin cells. Sebum, which is the natural oil of the body, is produced to maintain hydrated skin. However, when sebum is produced excessively, it could clod pores in skin, which, in turn, accelerates bacterial growth. Dead cells add to the blocked pores to cause zits and bumps. Therefore, it is very important to exfoliate the skin naturally.

Properties of Baking Acne

Baking soda is considered the best acne treatment because of its inherent properties. Sodium bicarbonate, the chemical compound, is amphiteric in nature. It can acts as a base or an acid, which makes it beneficial for neutralizing the pH balance. With respect to our skin health, this inherent property of baking soda makes it very effective in improving the pH balance of skin, which contributes to acne. It has mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can reduce irritation and inflammation. Baking soda is also a gentle exfoliating agent.

The Exfoliation Process

Exfoliation is a very important process for skin care because it removed drying and dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin and reveals healthy and glowing skin underneath. Under regular conditions, the skin does this automatically because it is a continuous, invisible process. However, intervention may be necessary when the dead skin cells fail to shed properly. Chemical exfoliates can remove dead cells too, either by dissolving or burning them, in a solution. However, if the solution is harsh, it can damage the skin. Baking soda paste is a natural exfoliate, gentle and mild on the skin, thus unlikely to have detrimental effects; indeed, the best acne treatment.

best acne treatmentAcne Treatment with Baking Soda

To treat acne with baking soda, you need to make a paste of baking soda with your regular facial cleanser. Scrub the face gently using this paste, at least twice or thrice a week, and rinse thoroughly. Gradually, you will see that your acne will be eliminated and fresh, healthy skin will show.

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