Look More Beautiful And Attract Others With Sexy Eyelashes

Women are very much particular and cautious about their looks. They would provide utmost care to look more beautiful and maintain it. As women age, they fear more about their looks. Eyelash is one of the many, which enhances the beauty of women. Mentioned below are a few tips, which would help you make your eyelashes look attractive and sexy.

best eyelash growthBrush

Brush your eyelashes regularly. Ensure you do this as a daily activity as you brush your teeth and hair. Use a good quality eyelash comb. This would separate each lash and make them look thick and healthy.


This is a very fast way to make your eyelash look long. These are synthetic extensions, which can be stuck on your existing eyelash, thus making it look long and beautiful.

Fake eyelashes

These are permanent fixes, which would require professional assistance for getting the perfect results. However, in this case you need to be more careful because if you choose a bad quality, it may result in your natural eyelashes falling out or irritation to your eyelids etc.


A natural and instant way of getting longer eyelashes is Mascara. Applying mascara to your eyelash would make your lashes noticeable and attractive. While choosing mascara, select only the top brands and chemical free products to avoid allergies and irritation to your eyes.


These are available in 2 ways, heated and non-heated. Heated curlers are very effective and bring a drastic change to your eyelashes. Do not over squeeze your curler. Be soft on your lash to maintain the beauty.


If any of the above ways do not work, then you can lastly resort to growth serum. This can be used if you do not have eyelashes at all. These enhancers help in growing new hair and strengthening your existing weak eyelashes. For this, you would have to research a lot and decide upon the best and safe serum available in the market. You can also check with your beautician or physician. This is a permanent fix as you would grow natural hair, but it is a time consuming process.

best eyelash growthNutrition

Above all these ways, you need to have a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle. Your nourishment shows in the growth of your hair and skin. Ensure you add more nutrition in your diet to promote hair growth.

These are tried and recommended ways to enhance beauty and attraction of your eyelashes.

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