Emu Oil Is A Great Aid For Eyelash Growth

People do a lot of things to ensure healthy growth of eyelashes. While it may seem to be a very strange combination, the use of emu oil for eyelash growth is a much touted treatment. Although reports are mostly anecdotal, not scientific, it is believed that emu oil can condition our eyelashes to stimulate growth. Using emu oil can give you thicker and longer eyelash growth over time. There are several reports that have revealed how emu oil, when accidentally spilled over the face, have resulted in growth of facial hair. So, for best eyelash growth, emu oil may be considered as a great choice.

What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil, as known to people, is derived from the specie emu. According to the explanation of the American Emu Association, there is a fat layer in the body of emu, which is removed and processed. This fat is processed to create oil, which is used in the making if health and cosmetic products. This mildly-flavored and low-fat oil is very effective for hair growth. In fact, emu meat has also been an exotic food, especially sold for the health-conscious people. The skin of emu is used for making leather goods.

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

Apart from being the best eyelash growth product, emu oil has certain health benefits too. Research shows that emu oil can lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is bad cholesterol, and raise the level of HDL, which is good cholesterol.

best eyelash growthThe oil is such that it is usually absorbed by the body to reach the skin. Since this oil doesn’t contain any phospholipids, it can penetrate the skin easily to get absorbed. It also delivers nutrients into our bloodstream very quickly than any other oil. When applied topically, emu oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Growing your Eyelash

Diet and genetic factors of the mother, at the time of pregnancy, are the two determinant factors for longer eyebrows and eyelashes. Eyebrows follow a normal growth cycle as scalp hair. It takes approximately 3 months to grow. Even though some people believe that trimming eyebrows can make them grow much lover, it’s a myth.

Eyelash enhancers were created for regrowing eyebrows of people suffering from glaucoma. However, when these products were found to influence rapid growth of eyelash, another purpose was found. Since then, other than the natural products like castor oil and petroleum jelly, emu oil is also used for eyelash growth. Proponents claim that it can condition scalp hair and promote fast growth.

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