Month: November 2012

What Are The Foods That Can Promote Stretch Marks Removal?

stretch mark removalStretch marks, or straie, are visible reminders of the expansion of your skin due to pregnancy or sudden gain in body weight due to other factors. Stretch marks result from the tearing of dermis skin layer, which is the mid layer of the skin. They are generally accompanied by purple or pink lines, which indicate burst capillaries, and normally appear on the abdomen, thighs, breasts, upper arms and hips. It is very difficult to remove stretch marks completely, though you can minimize visibility by making some dietary changes. Stretch mark removal often becomes challenging for most people, especially women.

Foods that Contribute to Stretch Mark Removal

There are some foods that can play a role in stretch mark removal. In fact, incorporating those foods into your daily diet plan might help in improving changes. However, this endeavor will only yield results in the long-term.

Foods Rich in Zinc

Zinc is one of the most vital mineral needed for the production of collagen. Collagen is the skin’s connective tissue, which is responsible for holding the skin together. According to skin care experts, zinc is considered a healthy component that contributes to proper functions of the enzymes present in the body to aid skin repair and wound healing. Zinc is present in some meats, such as turkey and fish, and some nuts like Brazil nuts.

Foods Rich in Vitamins

Vitamins are needed for the body. Your diet should comprise of vitamins sources – A, C and E, that helps in fighting off stretch marks. These vitamins also promote skin healing and remove the stretch marks already present or visible on the skin. Foods containing vitamin is extremely beneficial for stretch marks; in fact, if you include these foods in your diet beforehand, stretch mark development will be limited. On the other hand, vitamins E and A, are beneficial for these ugly marks. Vitamin A helps in the development of new skin cells, while vitamin E is responsible for regenerating vitamin C. Foods containing vitamin C include sweet potatoes, blueberries and carrots. Foods rich in vitamin A are avocadoes, sunflower seeds and dairy products.

stretch mark removalFoods Rich in Protein

Proteins are the building-blocks of the body. Foods rich in protein can improve overall quality of life and prevent development of stretch marks. Soy products are very effective, such as soy beans. You can also include meat protein in your diet, such as chicken breast, tuna and turkey. Eggs are also excellent sources of protein.


For proper hydration, water is needed. You should avoid other beverages like soda, tea and coffee, and simply drink plenty of water.